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December 17 2013

I get hundreds of feedback emails every day and do my absolute best to read them all and respond where I can. Today, Aaron, a circle community member from Santa Barbara emailed me and I wanted to share it (with his permission) as I thought it really exemplified what we are trying to do at Circle.

"I love the idea and I think it could be killer and totally revolutionize the city's communities and bringing people together… Make it happen!… This app could be a gamechanger."   — Aaron B, Santa Barbara

We truly believe that Circle can help bring people together and will do our best to make it happen. As always, email us with any thoughts:


Circle Community Update

December 12, 2013

Hey Circle Community! We are constantly listening to our community and reading your feedback emails and have been learning a ton about how to keep improving the application.

We really appreciate all your support so far in strengthening your local community and hope you will keep providing us awesome use cases in the app. We also very much appreciate the nice reviews and are so excited to have a 4.6/5 rating on iOS and 4.4/5 on Android. Thank You!

Over the last few months, we have been constantly experimenting with ways to share the application with friends and build your local network. We know that the app is much more useful when your local network is bigger, just like LinkedIn or Facebook. It can be a tough balance to strike to allow people to share the app with their social network but making sure it isn't too much. We do want you to be able to share the app with your friends, but not bombard them with invites so after experimentation we have settled on sending each person a maximum of only 3 total invites on facebook and 2 invites through SMS. If a user receives more than that, we won't allow them to go through.

This seems like a good balance to us but as always we would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and feedback and you can get in touch with us any time at Just yesterday, a member emailed me to tell me that he loved how it felt like Circle is like the old community boards that are in small town cafe's and we absolutely love hearing that.

Thanks for all the support.


Big Circle Update & Use Cases!

December 4, 2013

From VentureBeat: Circle is one of the few social, local, mobile apps that is actually growing.

This app, which shows people what is happening in their immediate vicinity, has surpassed 10 million users, with over 1 million users joining every month. It is currently in 1,765 cities across the country.

Today Circle unveiled new features that cofounder and CEO Evan Reas said offer value to users that existing social networks like Twitter, Facebook,Foursquare, and Nextdoor don't.

"I got fascinated by the idea of connecting people in the same location," Reas said in an interview. "Circle is like a local Twitter for Main Street. I am from Wisconsin where you can just ask random strangers for help, but you can't do that in most cities. Circle brings that small town feel to everywhere."

Circle is a location-based social network where you can view activity feeds of local activity. Members can post specific questions, ask for help, or use Circle to distribute information.

Reas gave the examples of someone with a flat tire who inquired through Circle if anyone could help. He said if you did that on Facebook or Twitter, it might not be useful because people aren't necessarily nearby. On Circle, that person quickly had multiple people offering assistance.


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